About Us


Grzegorz Szubiński

I have 10 years of experience in testing and quality management. I've walked the entire career path, starting as an intern in the quality management department, progressing to a Senior Automation Tester. Currently, I work as a QA and Release Manager and I am a lecturer at Coders Lab - one of the largest schools offering IT courses in Poland.


Szymon Wąsiewski

Almost 7 years ago fate led me to the path through recruitment of Quality Assurance area. From the moment when I start, my interest as an QA kept growing and allowed me to transition from an Intern to Senior QA Automation Engineer. From few years I'm working as a QA in one of the biggest Italian Company and I'm developing myself in Quality Management.


Areas of Collaboration

Quality Assurance

We implement projects and testing tasks, support companies in test automation, and build the testing process.


We provide skilled specialists regardless of roles and technologies. With us, you will find an IT consultant who will meet the needs of your company.


Quality Assurance

Tester On-Demand

Testing is our passion! Every IT service provider assures that they “deliver high-quality services”. However, giving such assurances and actually ensuring quality are two different things. The answer to these challenges could be our product, which you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Tester On-Demand
  • Manual tests
  • Coordination of the test process
  • Tester On-Demand – Automation
  • Develop automation tests
  • Introduce your team to maintain the automated tests
  • Post-implementation support
  • Tester On-Demand – Audit
  • Conducting an audit of the testing process, automated tests and test documentation
  • Tester On-Demand – Premium
  • An individual package containing all the above products tailored to your needs

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