Quality Assurance

We deliver projects and testing tasks, and support companies in automation testing and with the building testing process.


We're providing qualified specialists in any role and technology. With Qualis, you will find an IT Consultant, who will take care of your company's needs.


Quality Assurance

Managing tests projects

Testing is our passion! Each company thinks that they are providing high-quality IT services, but such assurance in relation to real quality assurance is two different cases. The answer for all such problems is outsourcing IT specialists and services related to the quality assurance area.

  • Automated testing
  • Building and controll testing processes
  • Manual testing
  • Managing tests and risks in the projects

B2B Services

Our Offer

We’re sure that nowadays finding a qualified IT specialist is not easy. To make sure that he/she will stay in the company, it’s also quite difficult. Our experience allows us to solve such problems. We will help you to find a proper IT specialist and we will take care of his/her motivation to work.

  • Our specialists are true experts in their domain
  • We assure transparent cooperation and we're listening in their needs
  • Elastic framework agreement - client decides about hours range and contract period
Cloud Analytics


IT Experts

We aren’t the next agent, but the bridge connecting our partners with the best places to develop their careers. We aren’t creating barriers, non-competition clause, or other limitations – if you want to develop yourself or just work on second projects, it means that Qualist is the best place for you!

  • An expert is your partner, not an employee
  • Transparency - clear principles of cooperation include also salary, and non-competition clause
  • Creativity - we assure a lot of not standard bonuses

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